Why Am I Always So Tired All The Time?

“Why am I always so tired all the time?” is a question that we all too often find ourselves asking. Of course, it’s normal for us to feel tired every once in a while. Everyone, at one point or another, experiences sleepless nights or exhausting days at work or school. But what happens when the exhaustion doesn’t go away? What happens when it persists and protrudes into your life to the point that your productivity starts declining, or waking life slowly starts to become less than enjoyable? By identifying the culprit for your lack of energy, you can start on the path to taking your life back.


What’s Causing Your “Tiredness?”

There a whole slew of factors that can lead to feeling tired, fatigued, and/or sleepy on a regular basis. Some potential reasons for feeling tired are medically related, and may require the help of professional assistance. You may just simply have a hard time going to sleep some nights.

First, before you go all “hypochondriac” on yourself (and spend the next few hours self-diagnosing and freaking out on medical websites), I recommend that you READ THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE keeping in mind that when the majority of people feel tired or exhausted (even for extended periods of time), it’s nothing that a simple change in lifestyle can’t fix – No miracle pills or special pillows needed!

Even if you do end up being one of the “lucky few” whose chronic fatigue can be attributed to a medical condition, most of these conditions are common enough that there are multiple treatments in place to help you feel much better than you are currently feeling. Also let me clearly stress the following disclaimer:

I am not a doctor. You are probably not a doctor. Neither of us is qualified to truly diagnose potential medical problems causing your fatigue. If your lack of energy is having a significant negative impact on your daily life, or if you’re experiencing other troubling symptoms, please seek professional help immediately!

Top 10 Medical Reasons Why You May Always Feel Tired

There are a number of illnesses (both physical and mental) that can be associated with a loss of energy or exhaustion. Below you will find the Top 10 Medical Conditions that can cause people to feel tired. They are ranked in order of number of people affected worldwide with “#1″ being the most common. You can also utilize the corresponding charts to compare your symptom patterns to those associated with the Top 10 Conditions. Note that not all people will experience all potential symptoms, and the intensity of symptoms vary from case to case.

Top 1 – 5 Symptom Chart

why am I so tired all the time

1 – Anemia

Anemia is the most common blood disorder. The condition exists when there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells or a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin in your blood stream. A few different types of Anemia exist, and each has its own unique symptoms. Treatment for each type of Anemia differs, but they range from oral medication to blood transfusions (in the more extreme cases).

2 – Diabetes

There are two kinds of Diabetes (simply referred to as Type 1 and Type 2). Type 1 has a much quicker onset of symptoms, with greater symptomatic intensity. Type 1 Diabetes is treated with insulin, as well as with changes in diet and exercise routines. Type 2 Diabetes can sometimes be controlled with diet and exercise alone. Although, if that fails, medicinal solutions, such as insulin, are available.

3 – Depressionwhy am I always so tired

Depression is the most common of all mental illness. Everyone experiences some form of depressing feelings at some point in their lives, but when it reaches a certain depth and pervasiveness, it is diagnosed as a clinical disorder. Depression can be treated with therapy and a number of prescribed medications, like antidepressants.

4 – Hypothyroidism

Iodine deficiency is cited as being the largest causal factor for Hypothyroidism. Stress can also be a major factor. This disease can be treated with medication usually containing either some form of the synthetic or animal derived thyroid hormone.

5 – Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder is a blanket term that can refer to multiple anxiety-related mental disorders. The common factors are: excessive feelings of worry, fear, and (you guessed it!) anxiety. Changes in diet, participation in counseling, and a number of prescription pills are among the resources available to treat this disorder.

Top 6 – 10 Symptom Chart

why am I always so tired

6 – Insomnia

This condition can be both a disorder on it’s own, as well as a symptom for other sicknesses. Essentially it is the inability to fall and stay asleep, or having difficulty with those tasks. Sleeping pills are available to assist with this condition, however, special care needs to be taken so as to avoid dependency or addiction.

7 – Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is condition that is characterized by stops in breathing (or shallow breathing) throughout the sleep cycle (For some this can happen up to 30 times per hour!) Sleep Apnea can be treated with the nightly use of a CPAP machine. Surgery is also an alternative treatment option.

8 – Heart Disease

why am I so tired all the time

Also known as Cardiovascular Disease, this illness is no joke. It is the leading cause of death throughout the entire world. There are a few different specific types of the disease, but generally the term Cardiovascular Disease refers to any disease that affects your cardiovascular system. A diet low in fat and high in fiber, as well as regular exercise, are instrumental in the prevention and treatment this disease.

9 – Fibromyalgia

While the exact cause of Fibromyalgia is still unknown, it is thought to be brought on by psychological, genetic, and environmental factors. It is generally characterized by widespread pain, but can also bring on a whole host of other symptoms. Treatment includes physical therapy, exercise, and oral medications.

10 – Mononucleosis

Sometimes referred to as the “kissing disease” (because it’s spread orally), Mononucleosis is a widespread viral disease which the vast majority of adults have grown immune to by the age of 40. This virus can leave people down and out for 2 – 3 months after contraction. Medicine is available to help treat the symptoms, but this is a sickness you just have to wait out.

Really, Why Am I Always So Tired?

If you are one of the many people looking for the answer to the question “Why am I always so tired all the time?”, you may not suffer from any of the conditions above. In fact the reason for most people’s fatigue is something simple. Continue reading our site to find out the most common causes of fatigue. Also we recommend that you confirm whether or not you actually have a medical condition before trying things like supplements or energy drinks as they may contain substances that could harm you further. We do recommend, however, that you improve your diet and exercise routine if you wish to see a noticeable increase in energy.